Do you feel stressed, and find the world keeps adding stressors on top of the pile you already have? Let me show you how to process emotions that are getting in your way through low cost, easy access, group work.

People can get measurable improvement for stress by participating in even a single group coaching session. Group work, using the right kind of processing, has worked for me and it can work for you too. Moreover, group work has a special alchemy of bringing people together and sharing common challenges that can help open up ideas you wouldn’t easily see working alone. 

This is why I’ve been providing group offerings for quite a while now. Great news: there is new evidence showing measurable benefits from group work like this. I’ll share a bit about a recently published study below. The truth is, I was not surprised by the results.

I frequently receive positive feedback of how my seemingly-humble group sessions help participants. Even in a single session, people report immediate improvement. Aside from hearing about the subjective experience of participants, the improvement is noticeable in real time by observing what they are like at the end of a session. People become more grounded, present and relaxed. Even if I’ve seen it countless times, it’s always impressive to realize what we accomplish in a short time when gathered together. People move through insistent burdensome emotions, and leave feeling less weighed down by their problems, and more alignment towards action they want to take.

‘With group sessions: you’ll notice on your own that you feel less stress, others will see the change in you, and it can also be measured’

The positive impacts my participants and I are both noticing them experience after a single group session have now been measured. I use Emotional Freedom Techniques (also know as EFT or Tapping) in these groups. EFT is easy to learn even you don’t know it. Many participants are joining me to experience it for the first time. 

It turns out that even a single EFT group session helps people reduce a host of stress responses. A randomized control study of front-line COVID nurses measured the impact of a single group session of Emotional Freedom Techniques. The study found ‘Reductions in stress, anxiety, and burnout reached high levels of statistical significance for the intervention group. The control group showed no statistically significant changes on these measures.’  

These findings affirm what I was already seeing, and what participants notice for themselves. It’s now a phenomenon that is measurable. What’s most remarkable in this particular study is that it shows that the observed effect was experienced after only a short amount of time (20 minutes), and in just a single session. 

If you’d like to experience group sessions yourself,  or are curious to experience EFT, I’m continuing monthly drop-in sessions for my community this year. My monthly drop-ins allow people to process all kinds challenges that life throws them.  During group sessions, I help participants process emotions that are getting in their way using my skills at EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). 

Even before the study results I’m sharing came out, I knew that these sessions were particularly useful for stress. This is why I’ve donated a dozen group sessions helping scores of people process emotions about the pandemic last year. I’ve also offered free group sessions for people processing emotions around climate change. 

The new data means you can have confidence that group work using Emotional Freedom Techniques helps your stress. You’ll also feel it for yourself and others will notice its effects in you. Groups will offer a supportive environment and give you a chance to explore things in a way that might be harder on your own. For pervasive universal problems like stress, COVID and climate change, the processing done in groups has the advantage of helping you to learn from other people facing the same challenges.

While 1 on 1 work is he foundation of what I do for a reason—it can have profound impact on goals that people set—I also firmly support  monthly drop-in group sessions planned the Third Thursday of every month (holidays excepted) in 2021.  Join my mailing list so that you get reminded about the upcoming drop-in workshops as they open up (not to mention great information and free offers).  I hope to see you there soon!