Hey Smart, Successful Singles:

Get Clarity, Let Go, Move Forward

Focus On What Truly

Matters for finding love

Discover A Process To CompleteLy Change The Way You Approach Dating


How it would feel to dissolve confusion and get clear on what matters most for finding love.

Your path to living a fulfilling, joyful relationship speeding up and being about saying yes to what you want, with confidence.

Choosing love for your own reasons, not because of outside pressure or because it was what a guru or celebrity recommends.

Having dates where neither of you wants to hang up or finish the date.

The bright future once you’ve made a commitment to that great partner: you, in a safe, secure and loving relationship, with a partner that scratches the right itch. It’s a relationship that opens doors to create a dream life, with solid support to handle life’s ups and downs.

Your experience of dating shifting from searching to finding. That confidence will carry through right into the new relationship you create.

I’m Farah Ali

I’ve been empowering singles to effortlessly shift from searching to finding love for 6 years.

I’ve worked with hundreds of love seekers and helped people stay the course… and find love fast.

I’m a certified Relationship Coach, diving into love’s emotional underpinnings, to find what’s keeping you stuck.

I’ve been a featured expert in Amazon’s staff wellness program, in International Tapping Month and in the 23-day Tapping Challenge.

Smart singles in my community are in different places in their life:

  • Some struggle finding dates.
  • Others get more dates than they can handle.

Either way, people feel confused, frustrated, & fed up.

When I first committed to getting serious about finding a long term partner for myself, I could have gotten a prize for confusion. I read all the books and got advice about making a vision. It didn’t help me solve the problem: I felt pulled in 20 directions with conflicting advice that I didn’t trust. I realize now that it was a true mirror of my approach, where I focused on the wrong things, for too long.

Now I’m in a different place – last October, I married the love of my life. We’re such a perfect match that hardly a day goes by when friends or even strangers comment on how great we are together. We both totally agree

This Process Works!

The idea of being truly confident when you are single might seem impossible. I get it: I was in the same stuck state that other smart singles. I had a thriving career, but I didn’t have a clue how to find a good romantic partner.

I’d read books that contradicted each other, signed up for programs that fell short, and the advice from friends and family made any hope of figuring things out even harder.

I never imagined my journey was leading me to become a relationship coach.

I applied my coaching skills to the dating arena because nothing else was working. What happened when I used my style of coaching for this problem was that I discovered a process that changed my dating life from the inside. I eased up on the pressure I put on myself. I became solid in what I was looking for even when it felt hard to stand up for it.

I got clearer than I’d ever been about what I wanted, in a way that didn’t feel like my vision would be impossible to find.

The quality of potential candidates improved.

Finally, I could look back at the struggles I had been experiencing with new eyes. I was able to see that where I was putting my energy wasn’t making sense and I redirected to what counted. And it worked.

Then, within a year I’d met the perfect guy for me.

Word spread about the magical results this process was having, and I was able to help even more people find the kind of love and connection in a relationship that they’ve always dreamed of.

Now, because so many people have been asking and I simply can’t work with everyone of them one on one…  I put a training program together so that this incredible process can stop being a secret only known by me and my one on one clients, and instead I can share much more widely.

The process I’m talking about helped me, and my one-on-one clients turn dating on it’s head.

I call it Find An Extraordinary Partner

Praise from Diana V.

Farah’s outlook on love, life and coaching is exceptional, professional and her wisdom shines through. She provided guidance with how to coach myself, too.

Working with Farah shifted me away from my old patterns and assisted me to move forward towards my goals with love and life with the confidence I needed.

Farah’s unique approach and her intuitive guidance is excellent.

I highly recommend Farah as your love coach.

Praise from Adrianna Nicole

Farah is skilled as an EFT practitioner with the added benefit of expertise in relational skills.

She holds a strong space for you to be able to see yourself, heal past relational traumas and move forward in an empowering way.

The coaching she uses, EFT, is an amazing tool. Combined with relational education, it helps clear blocks at a deeper level.

coachadriannanicole.com (sexual & soul nourishment coach)


6 Calls Total + Group Coaching
PLUS Extras That Set You Up For Success

Pillar 1: GET CLARITY:

MODULE 1: The Template for Ideal Relationships

  • Science backed guidance about ideal relationships that you’ll use in your search for love
  • Connect with an uplifting WHY to supercharge your progres

Pillar 1:  GET CLARITY:

MODULE 2: Ignore the noise

  • Examine conflicting information, even from experts
  • How this noise is distracting us and what it means to have clarity free of this noise

Pillar 2:  BE AT PEACE:

MODULE 3: Discern Old Ways of Learning

  • Uncover patterned ways of thinking that EVERYONE uses in relationships and how these show up in your dating life
  • Beyond Awareness- freedom of not being default to unhelpful patterns

Pillar 2:  BE AT PEACE:

MODULE 4: Letting go of Mr / Ms Wrong

  • Explore where there might be baggage that you carry
  • Start releasing this FOR GOOD so that you can look learn the lesson, not live the lesson


MODULE 5: Connect with your why

  • Finally let go of what we have been endeavouring to do
  • Connect with your Why


MODULE 6: Lighten the Load

  • Create a supercharged vision
  • Set next steps to set you up for success

This Program Is Not Like Others

  • You won’t to follow ‘rules’ or learn you scripts of what to say at different points in the relationship. There is no way that someone will be able to recommended exactly what to say or how to say something that works all the time, there is no one-size-fits all for love! Even gurus or experts that have better advice that pulls from research are still focusing on knowing. Knowing information isn’t enough.
  • Finding love is not all about fixing yourself. Improving yourself is worthy personal journey, but finding love needs to look at the parts of your life that are affecting you finding someone.
  • You don’t need to become perfect before you find a partner.
  • There’s also people teaching you to ‘Manifest’ love. This ultimately boils down to connecting to ‘a list’ of the qualities you want to check off. A lot of these processes get people stuck in looking for superficial qualities.

All of the above approaches short change you. Moreover, you risk losing your bearings and focusing on the wrong things. Instead, take a deeper and look at how to create and align with your vision.

In Find an Extraordinary Partner, you connect to your vision as a starting point.

Then you’ll go deep into exploring what is holding that vision back.

This is real exploration based on your personal story, aimed specifically at things that matter for finding love.

You’ll see patterns inside of your life, and how you approach dating that you can reset and it will help you know how to move things forward quickly.

⇒ Registration Is Open For a Limited Time! ⇐

  • This program is tailored directly to the unique challenges that you face as a smart, successful single
  • wIt's going to be interactive and I'll deliver most of it LIVE
  • tThis is a small group program with time for Q&A in all the calls
  • Registration will only open for a short time. Then we’ll close registration and start the class.

Praise from Bonnie Sheldon

Farah Ali is a friendly and informed Relationship Coach who uses EFT and other modalities in a unique way.

I highly recommend her. As a professional coach, I observed Coach Ali’s work with my husband, and found her to be extremely caring, considerate and able to achieve desired

results, really with any life problem. A unique and sensitive Coach!

I highly recommend Farah as your love coach.


Praise from Cristina

I feel grateful to have worked with Farah during a period of feeling very stuck in my life, because she is a good listener and very compassionate.

Farah is kind-hearted, wise and open. She has a gentle way of challenging me to see destructive patterns without judging me.

She is creative and flexible, and she is willing to try new things.

Praise from Laurie D.

Farah was enlightening and insightful and gave me time to work my way through a new way to vision for love.

With guidance and examples, Farah went deeper once I had the vision, to show how EFT can assist in grounding this new vision for myself.

I enjoyed every part of group coaching with Farah.

I think it is definitely worth the time spent and Farah has experienced the success of this method – that’s exactly what I want in a coach.

What You Get!

Life Time Access: Downloadable Trainings

Video recordings available for download soon after each class. You can access this anywhere in the comfort of your own home on a mobile or desktop device. 


Deep Dive Group Coaching

Every call includes group coaching. Grab an opportunity for direct coaching to uncover what you’re not seeing that’s got you stuck. The emotional intensity around what bothers you will melt away.

Get inspiration from others stories- you’ll understand our own story better. These coaching calls will facilitate you becoming skilled and learning to become your own relationship coach.

One-on-One Success Strategy Session

A one-on-one kickoff success strategy call will set you up for success. I will guide you through the process of setting goals so that you can focus on what will best move you towards success in no time. We’ll ensure your vision turns into reality with an actionable plan.

This process will be a blast.

Let’s make it happen!

Private Community for Find An Extraordinary Partner Program

Say goodby to being alone in your search. Share wins, share ahas, share challenges, and get feedback between sessions in a private Facebook community for this course.  Connect with fellow Find An Extraordinary Partner members! You’ll have a chance to submit your questions and request feedback. Stay on top of announcements & look out for special offers for you.


Have the key concepts from the trainings at your fingertips. The path we’ll take will keep you  focused and on track.

You’ll get bonus exercises to help accelerate your progress.

Annnnnnd…. let’s not forget, you can consolidate the discoveries and Ahas you’re getting. This lets you track your progress over the program as you the shift from ‘searching’ to ‘finding’.

Are You On The Fence Because Of This?

I’m already doing a lot

If you are on a treadmill of doing the same things, taking the time to get clear and let go of things that need to go is going to mean you’ll be able to find love with less effort than what you are currently investing. And you’ll feel better about it too!

I don’t have money for this right now

This is a live course with ongoing answer to questions every day of the week. This being sold for substantially less than the value. Not only would it be more than double the price to do this one-on-one, it would not come with the same level of ongoing support between sessions that I’ll offer a group.

This is not a generic course: your questions are answered and there is time to work through issues.

The alternative to finding help is staying where you are and figuring things out on your own. Would dating with your current results for another year be okay for you? Would questioning every choice and not having a dependable place to get answers cost you more in the long run? Save time and get your well being and peace of mind in line.

There’s nobody that is out there for me

I was guilty of feeling like there was nobody for me. I’ve worked with hundreds of love seekers, and this is a very pervasive belief. There’s a lot of reasons that people give for why this might be true.

I’ll share a secret: this kind of belief is propped up by cherry picking selective ‘evidence’ that is supporting that belief. The process we’ll use will organically change your relationship to this and other beliefs that are not serving you.

I’m already clear and yet I keep on attracting the wrong person

When you are truly clear, you’ll develop discernment and if you find someone that’s not a good fit, you’ll adjust course fast. You don’t have to keep attracting the wrong people.

I don’t have time

The trainings are recored and there is a month extra in the private community, which gives you lots of time to ask questions and catch up. Trainings are downloadable, and available forever.

Moving from searching to finding also saves time in the long run! You’ll stop dating duds and get off the treadmill of doing the same things that are not working. This course will help make your efforts be the ones that count.

I’m the problem and because of it, nobody will love me

You may feel unique in this, but ‘I’m not good enough’ is a universal fear. Too many courses prey on that feeling and try to make the search for love about loving yourself first.

Everybody deserves love and has the potential to find it, even while they are working on getting themselves to a better place. The fact that you are considering this work puts you in the rare class of people and speaks volumes that you are willing to show up and do the work it takes to step up and make changes for the love you want.

I’m fearful

It can seem scary to look at yourself because we all can find faults. Finding your dating blind spots is an opportunity for you to build a better relationship with yourself, which is always a win. The process you’ll learn is gentle and you can get great results without going into the deep end.

I need to just get out there

Going out there without clarity means you are relying on hope and luck to find a partner. You’ll go further if you have a clear plan for what you want to find.

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Classes are live, and we’ll be having a small group

So we’ll cut off enrolment mid-March because classes are starting.

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Our Rock-Solid 100% Money-Back Guarantee

When you join me in The Find An Extraordinary Partner Program, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by my money-back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event we can’t help you feel any better about finding a partner, although you have implemented what I teach, I’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with me within the first 14 days of the live workshop starting – no questions asked.

2 Easy Payments



Pay in Full


Save $145


  • Quick Start Mini course to learn EFT/ Tapping for relationships (value: $49)
  • Success Strategy Session a 50-minute session one-on-one to identify areas where you can focus to get the most out of our work together.
  • What’s Stopping You Workshop: Deep dive to uncover deeper roots to your own personal Patterns (value: $97)
  • Support in the Private Community WITH BONUS MONTH: A month beyond the course, you’ll still get support as you work on the course materials. Get answers to any remaining questions.
  • Surprises: Farah has some fun surprises planned throughout the 6 weeks. We’re going to have fun!

Enroll in Find An Extraordinary Partner Today

Stop Searching: Get Ready To Find A Partner instead

This program includes:

  • Downloadable Training Recordings (Lifetime Access)
  • Live Training and group coaching calls with Q&A
  • BONUS Success Strategy Session: one-on-one chat with Farah to get you clear on where to put your focus for maximum effort and get the most out of the course
  • Find An Extraordinary Partner Private Community- BONUS – extended a month beyond the course so you have plenty of time to access the help you need
  • Guides that have summaries of trainings and bonus exercises
  • Quick Start mini-course– start learning to be your own coach
  • What’s Stopping You Workshop

For a limited Time Only

This is your chance to get live coaching and answer all the questions you have about dating and love.

2 Easy Payments



Pay in Full


Save $145