Your Holiday EFT/Tapping Guide for Singles

Whether you’re someone who adores the holidays or dreads this time of year, there’s a weight to the holiday season for singles that can’t be ignored.

Picture this: Mariah Carey’s jingles playing, couples wrapped in cozy coats, and the festive aura engulfing everyone but you. The cheer and connection of the holidays can sometimes feel distant, leaving you standing on the sidelines while others dance into the holiday spirit. This feeling is intensified if you’re facing heartbreak.

But fear not, there’s a way to find your center and genuinely partake in the holiday spirit—enter EFT/Tapping!

EFT/Tapping: Your Festive Rescue

So, what’s the deal with EFT/Tapping, you wonder? It’s not some mystical solution but a simple yet powerful technique to navigate those tricky emotions that tend to bubble up during the holidays.


Ever felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with everyone else? Feeling like you have to do it all but ending up feeling more disconnected? FOMO can take over your thoughts or fill up your calendar. The key is connecting with those troubling emotions. Once you acknowledge them, you can relax and make choices that suit you without comparison. It’s not a competition with ourselves, or anyone else, and it’s not a race against the calendar either.

2. Handling Family Gatherings

We’ve all faced Auntie Jen’s prying questions about our love life during family gatherings. Even if it’s just bad manners on her part, it stings. Tapping helps us brush off that annoyance and savor those moments with a clearer mind.

3. Overcoming Isolation

Missing those cherished holiday traditions shared with an ex? Sometimes, it’s not just about past relationships but the present isolation that stings. EFT/Tapping can ease that feeling of loneliness, making it easier to step out and connect, even if you choose to go solo to the Christmas Market.

4. Managing Emotional Echoes

Memories of past festive moments with a partner can sneak in unexpectedly. Don’t let Christmas regrets from your past ruin your present moments. Those resurfaced memories make us feel uncomfortable and part of feels lonelier because of the discomfort

5. Dealing with Expectations

We often use holidays as milestones to assess where we ‘should’ be in life. These expectations can lead to anxiety and hopelessness. Exploring your emotions about these expectations for your love life over the holidays can bring clarity.

Access Your EFT/Tapping Guide

There you have it! A glimpse into the power of EFT/Tapping to address all sorts of very real holiday stressors.

Ready to dive deeper?

Get your EFT/Tapping Guide for Singles where I have broken down tapping into a simple 3-step process.

The best part? You’ll learn it in a few minutes and have a portable tool for emotional wellness at your fingertips—no special equipment needed, just you and a few minutes of tapping away those holiday blues.

Let’s make this holiday season about self-care, self-love, and tapping our way to a more fulfilling holiday experience.

Cheers to you, the solo stars of this festive season! 🌟🎁