Hi, I’m Farah


My personal transformation led to a relationship transformation.

Coaching couples wasn’t on my radar. It came to me.

Using the coaching tools I apply with clients, I transformed my life and overcame major limiting beliefs that profoundly affected me. I then decided to apply the same techniques to the problems in my romantic life. It worked, quickly. I now feel fulfilled, deeply understood, and empowered in my love life. I love my life and while it’s not perfect or easy, I experience joy in my life every day.

Suddenly, clients started reaching out for relationship help.

I began to attract more and more clients who were working through personal challenges in their relationships. It was as if word that I’d be good at this was out. Clients trusted my coaching skills. They gained clarity and perspective and together we moved them through tough situations.

I realized relationship coaching was the work I was meant to do.

Over time, I understood that I was uniquely suited to relationship work. My non-judgmental personality creates safety, enabling clients to explore the heart of their problems. I know how to help people translate their emotions into a deep understanding of the issue they want to fix. My unique approach doesn’t weigh down clients with the same old external ‘advice’ that doesn’t last. I am able to offer lasting impact that comes from within.

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I bring perspective and a proven approaches.

With 20 years of experience in humanitarian response in 20 countries, I have a broad perspective about life and relationships. I’ve seen how relationships work all over the world. What began as a professional interest has become a personal passion of mine—I get so much joy from studying the latest research and techniques for having a great relationship. I constantly seek experiences and tools and test them in my own life.

I use science-backed tools and empowering processes that engage clients. My client packages offer valuable information that has been used successfully by thousands of couples. This is the work I am meant to do, and it feels great to be able to share this with people who want to get their love lives in shape.

Let’s Connect — Learn how I can help you

I’m a contributor for international tapping month! Aug 2020.

V.Y. —Deciding whether to stay in her marriage

“When I was going through a difficult period in my marriage, Farah taught me how to use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) to calm down, to see things for what they are and from there to make decisions which are more grounded. Farah also helped me to go deeper to the root of the issues by not letting me get away with my defence mechanisms that have served me well up to a certain point in life. Farah is empathetic and very professional. Other than EFT, she also uses different ways to help me see a situation from a different point of view and has enabled me to uncover a few blind spots about myself. She is a good listener and is able to summarize a situation in a way that still resonates with me but makes it much easier to digest, understand, and move on. I can’t thank her enough for what she has helped me to uncover.”