Do you set resolutions at the start of the year? Or have an ongoing project waiting to get attention?

I know the statistics are bad for goal setting at the start of the year. I don’t usually feel grounded enough to get through the whole goal setting process for myself. The optimist in me always chimes in and wants to create something. I’m upgrading my annual review process this year and adding in new approaches. I’ll be using an iterative process for getting clear on skills I want to build, and using that to set intentions and plan how to move forward.

What I know for sure is that biggest thing that moves the needle forward is putting in time in my calendar and taking action. I was really impressed at how much I was able to accomplish in the last months of 2020 by taking this seriously. Most goals fail by mid February, so actually learning to carve out time and be disciplined is important.

I’m offering help you take action taking in January and through February:

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