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J.P. —Working through a crisis in her 20-year marriage

“I contacted Farah for relationship issues that I was having which were triggering a lot of anger in me. I wanted to learn to not be overwhelmed by my  feelings.

The processing we did with EFT (emotional freedom techniques) was good for this objective, as after three sessions, I noticed that I could use it not only for this feeling of anger, but any negative feelings such as fear, that had me feeling powerless.  It gave me tools to first step back and notice what was happening in that moment, and giving me a technique that I could use to work through it. This has given me a sense of empowerment but also helps me put distance to the negative feelings. This is helping me in all areas of my life, not only relationships but in any situation where one can feel easily overwhelmed.

Working with Farah as been beneficial in a way that exceeded my expectation. Having come for a specific issue I gained a toolbox which I can use in many situations, and more importantly that I can use on my own if needed. However, for deeper issues, I will continue working with Farah as this needs more work.

Farah has a very positive, understanding approach which is very helpful in such circumstances, she does not hesitate to ask for further clarification or if we feel comfortable in “digging” further into issues. It is truly team work between yourself and an experienced practitioner.”

V.Y. —Deciding whether to stay in her marriage

“When I was going through a difficult period in my marriage, Farah taught me how to use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) to calm down, to see things for what they are and from there to make decisions which are more grounded. Farah also helped me to go deeper to the root of the issues by not letting me get away with my defence mechanisms that have served me well up to a certain point in life. Farah is empathetic and very professional. Other than EFT, she also uses different ways to help me see a situation from a different point of view and has enabled me to uncover a few blind spots about myself. She is a good listener and is able to summarize a situation in a way that still resonates with me but makes it much easier to digest, understand, and move on. I can’t thank her enough for what she has helped me to uncover.”

Adrianna M.    — Recovering from  a recent breakup

“Farah has a gentle and lighthearted way of working. She provides a safe and judgment free container that makes it easy to open up and allows for deep work. I found that in my work with Farah, I was able to have more openheartedness and ease in my personal relationship with my ex.”

C.S.    — Mid-career transition, return to university

I have been accepted to Masters program this fall at the university of my choice.  Thank you for all your help and support in getting me started with the whole process.  Your coaching and your support played a tremendous role in helping me getting into the program so THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Victoria S.    — Mid-career transition, change career track

”After quitting my job in humanitarian aid of 7 years, I wanted to undergo a professional transition into something new and challenging beyond my current sector, yet I was unclear of what would be my next move. Although I had some very broad goals in sight, I was anxious and overwhelmed by the different avenues that could be taken to achieve them.

Working with Farah provided me with an incredibly useful set of tools that empowered me to not only identify the root causes of my anxieties and barriers but also help address them in a more thoughtful and holistic manner rather than resorting to my former impulsive nature.  Although we had set a series of professionally-focused objectives to work through, I quickly realized that what I learned after a couple of sessions with Farah can also apply to my personal life with the sudden illness of a family member.

Even months after, my discussions with Farah have resonated with me and I wished I had exposure to her tools much sooner, especially while enduring the hardships faced as a humanitarian aid worker.

What I found helped most was her personalized approach. Although Farah teaches you a series of tools, they were always directly adapted to my needs and concerns during our discussions. This made me feel at ease, knowing that I am not being compared to anyone else but myself, and made our sessions that much more worthwhile.

The unique thing about working with Farah was the empowerment. After every session, I recorded and sent over my thoughts and feelings to Farah and I was always left astonished on how much I achieved through each session even if at first I did not think I was making progress. I was even more surprised that her tools can be applied to different areas of my life enabling the confidence I needed to tackle more personal matters, and not only the professional ones for which I initially saw Farah.”