Christmas is days away! My wish is that your holidays are fun, fulfilling, and connected—and not at all overcome with holiday relationship stress.

I keep a light schedule during the festive season, and even so, I’ve had moments where the pace starts picking up. I start to fantasize about curling up with popcorn and movies and never leaving the house again.

Intimate relationships are particularly vulnerable to stress at the end of the year. More couples reach a breaking point during the holidays.

I love Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (aka Tapping). It is great for managing stress. Let’s get cracking on using it for holiday relationship stress!

To the left, I’ve shared an info graphic that is based on issues a couples typically experience during the holidays. The graphic shows avenues for working these using Tapping.

Avoid reaching January feeling exhausted, financially stretched, and thinking you’ve short changed things that matter in your relationship, Start tapping for yourself.

If the problems run deep and you need more help, schedule a free consult and lets see if there is more that we can do together. It is possible to be in a better place.

If you are seeing this in December 2021/ January 2022, then reach out to me and I’ll let you know about some great coaching events coming up in January.