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Do you crave the satisfaction of a fulfilling romantic relationship where you feel seen and valued?

Do you want to improve the quality of your relationship and feel more confident about getting your needs met?

Do you want to respond better when issues come up, and stop getting intense reactions that get in the way?

Are you confused about what you could do to make your relationship better?


feel like a smart and capable person




are able to succeed in other areas of life



have taken courses, read books, gotten advice to make your relationship better



have a support network


It can be hard to get perspective from inside a relationship that is in trouble.

I can help you get the clarity you are looking for. You could save months or even years of being stuck. Don’t wait until you are looking back, wishing you had loved more fully or that you’d decided to end things sooner.

I recently worked with a couple (lets call them Dave and Sally) that had tried many different approaches to fixing their marital issues before coming to me. This couple was committed to finding a solution and had put in years of work with different modalities. When I...

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Adrianna M.    — Recovering from  a recent breakup

“Farah has a gentle and lighthearted way of working. She provides a safe and judgment free container that makes it easy to open up and allows for deep work. I found that in my work with Farah, I was able to have more openheartedness and ease in my personal relationship with my ex.”

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